worldia focuses on super-hard tool manufacturing and is committed to improving the quality of the world!

Jiaxing Worldia Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jiaxing Worldia"), was incorporated in Jiaxing, Zhejiang in 2016, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Worldia Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. (stock code: 688028), one of the first companies listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board.

Jiaxing Worldia has the same main business as the parent company. Its products and services are widely used in the cutting of consumer electronic glass such as touch screens and LCD panels in consumer electronic products, and the cutting of core components such as automotive power systems and other advanced manufacturing fields.

Company Leader

Chen Jifeng is currently the chairman and general manager of Beijing Worldia Diamond Tools Co., Ltd., and a professor-level senior engineer.

"Innovative Talent Promotion Plan-Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent" of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China;

Leading talents of the National "Ten Thousand Talents Program";

Member of the Superhard Materials and Products Professional Committee of the Chinese Society for Materials Research;

The Ninth Standing Council Member of the Electronic Glass Branch of China Silicate Association;

Member of the Professional Technical Committee of the Beijing Branch of the International Society for Information Display (SID);

A leader in the establishment of quality brands in China's machinery industry.

From 1987 to 1992, he studied in the Department of Modern Physics, University of Science and Technology of China. The school style and spirit of the University of Science and Technology of Science and Technology of simple research and science and technology has had a profound impact on its future goals and structure.

In July 1992, he entered the Institute of Artificial Crystals of the State Administration of Building Materials, engaged in research in the field of CVD diamond and achieved many achievements.

In 2000, he resigned from the Institute of Artificial Crystals, founded Beijing Supower Technology Development Co., Ltd., and started independent innovation and entrepreneurship. In 2006, Beijing Worldia Superhard Tools Co., Ltd. was established. In 2010, the two companies were reorganized. The assets and business of Beijing Sipor were reorganized into Beijing Worldia Superhard Tools Co., Ltd., and Beijing Supower ceased operations.

In February 2015, Beijing Worldia completed the shareholding system transformation and officially changed its name to Beijing Worldia Diamond Tools Co., Ltd.

On July 22, 2019, he led Beijing Worldia to land on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, and since then the company has entered a new stage of development.

From entering the university laboratory to working for more than 20 years, Chen Jifeng has been focusing on research and development in the field of polycrystalline diamond, in CVD diamond growth technology, CVD diamond and PCD processing technology, diamond and cubic boron nitride high-end tools R&D and industrialization have positively influenced the development of the industry and made outstanding contributions.

At the beginning of his business in 2000, Chen Jifeng pioneered the development of laser cutting technology for PCD composite sheet cutting, replacing the popular wire EDM technology at that time, increasing cutting efficiency by ten times and promoting the rapid development of China's diamond tool industry at that time. Now this laser cutting technology has become an international general technology for superhard materials and superhard tool manufacturing.

At the beginning of the consumer demand for smart terminals, Chen Jifeng led a team to develop and industrialize the Chinese toothed diamond cutter wheel. (The so-called diamond cutter wheel is a diamond round blade with nanometer size precision used for ultra-thin glass cutting. It is a subdivided product of diamond cutters.) The success of the Wald diamond cutter wheel has broken the product of foreign companies. The monopoly has significantly reduced the processing cost of touch display glass, and has played a certain role in promoting the overall competitiveness of my country’s touch display industry.

After the success and continuous development of the diamond cutter wheel, Chen Jifeng turned his investment focus to superhard cutting tools. The team has successively developed a variety of internationally advanced and even internationally advanced diamond and cubic boron nitride tool products, and competed on the same stage with the world's leading companies in the international market and continued to advance.

Chen Jifeng has always emphasized the focus in the company's operations, focusing on the ultra-high-precision and high-precision tool business that Worldia excels, has advantages, and can meet the core needs of core users, so that the company's core business has continued to grow at a high speed for many years.

After the company completed the listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board and entered a new development milestone, Chen Jifeng began to focus on the research and development and industrialization of diamond functional materials, and strive to lead Worldia to achieve more and greater development!

Chen Jifeng also pays special attention to the excavation and training of talents in the operation of the enterprise, and invests a large amount of funds and energy for the growth of the team in the enterprise every year. For employees who like to innovate and expect to make progress, there are always opportunities for trial and error. For employees with outstanding performance, they will quickly provide a platform for them to display their abilities, and promote them in an eclectic manner.

Under the leadership of Chen Jifeng, the growing Worldia is developing rapidly, speaking with strength and quality, and gradually becoming synonymous with China's "smart" in the field of superhard tools, cutting-edge domestic superhard cutting tools, and internationally advanced manufacturers of superhard cutting tools , And continue to establish an excellent image of high quality in the hearts of users at home and abroad.

"Competing for the pinnacle of the industry and creating a world-famous brand" is Chen Jifeng's ideals and ambitions. Worldia is building an industry brand that domestic and foreign users are more and more familiar with and more and more recognized with its products, continuous innovation and integrity. ----"Worldia".

In addition to pursuing excellence in his career, Chen Jifeng also attaches great importance to his social value: integrity and law-abiding in business operations, companies and individuals pay tens of millions of taxes and fees to the state each year; promote a caring culture in the company, and treat every encounter Provide assistance to employees with special difficulties; provide subsidies for hometown construction many times to help improve the lives of people in their hometowns; provide student donations to hometown schools for many years; set up "USTC8704 Love Fund" at the alma mater University of Science and Technology of China with classmates and undertake important The obligation of donation is to give back to the alma mater and to thank for the cultivation; to set up a scholarship for the plasma major of the Department of Modern Physics, University of Science and Technology of China to help the teaching development of this major...

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Company Development

  • 2021年

    Jiaxing Worldia Phase II construction completed

  • 2019年

    Worldia was successfully listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange on July 22, 2019

  • 2016年

    Jiaxing Worldia Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. was established

  • 2015年

    Complete the shareholding system transformation

  • 2013年

    Selected into the National Torch Program

  • 2010年

    Hebei Dachang new factory officially put into use

    Acquired Beijing Supower materials and business and injected the subsidiary Langfang Supower

  • 2006年

    Worldia officially established

Company Culture

Corporate Vision: Compete for the pinnacle of the industry and create a world famous brand

Corporate  Mission: focus on super hard tool manufacturing, committed to changing the quality of the world

  • Worldia Core Values:

    Worldia Core Values:

    Integrity, Innovation, Service, Efficiency

  • Worldia staff spirit and principles:

    Worldia staff spirit and principles:

    Staff spirit: innovation, responsibility, gratitude, focus

    Pursue the principles: customer first, integrity first, safety first, quality and efficiency

  • Worldia Employment Philosophy:

    Worldia Employment Philosophy:

    Basic qualities: integrity, responsibility, love of life

    Work quality: professional, efficient, capable, high-quality


Worldia has established a sound internal management organization structure to ensure the company's standardized operation.