Laser micro-nano precision processing technology of superhard materials

2020-07-08 11:15:49 嘉兴沃尔德金刚石工具有限公司 Viewd 25

The indispensable technology in the production of various products of the company, with a number of intellectual property rights and confidential technology, is a strong guarantee for the company to compete for the peak of the industry.

Various advanced light sources such as infrared microsecond laser, infrared nanosecond laser, infrared picosecond laser, green nanosecond laser, green femtosecond laser, ultraviolet nanosecond laser, ultraviolet picosecond laser, etc. have been developed in the processing of superhard materials and superhard materials. Application in tool manufacturing

We have successively self-made various functional automatic laser equipments, which are responsible for the company's super-hard material processing and super-hard tool manufacturing, ensuring the high-end and ultra-high precision characteristics of the company's products.