"Invest rationally and stay away from the trap of illegal securities and futures"-what is illegal securities activities?

2020-08-12 10:19:23 嘉兴沃尔德金刚石工具有限公司 Viewd 27

In order to raise the public’s awareness of risk prevention, stay away from illegal securities and futures traps, effectively curb illegal fund-raising, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of cadres and employees, according to the China Securities Regulatory Commission’s “Notice on Launching the Campaign to Prevent Illegal Securities and Futures Promotion Month in 2020”, Beijing’s anti-illegal activities The Working Group Office’s "Notice on Printing and Distributing the "Work Plan for Preventing Illegal Fund-raising in Beijing in 2020" for the "Ten Million Propaganda and Education Project"" and other document requirements, specially carry out relevant content publicity.